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Decision Making and Rational Choice (Transitional arrangement)


Transitional arrangement for ‘Decision Making and Rational Choice’

Following the restructuring of the Bachelor’s programme that will apply from academic year 2015-2016, the Decision Making and Rational Choice course will move from the second to the third year of the programme. This means that academic year 2015-2016 will be a transitional year during which the course will not be offered. The course will once again be offered in full from academic year 2016-2017, in the form of lectures and seminars.

Transitional arrangement

For students who have not yet completed this course, a transitional arrangement will apply for academic year 2015-2016. This arrangement is as follows:
All students of Public Administration who should have followed the Decision Making and Rational Choice course in academic year 2014-2015 or who followed the course but did not pass the final paper will be able to resit the assessed parts of the course. This means Assignment 5 of the weekly assignments and the final paper, both of which students need to pass. The other weekly assignments do not need to be resubmitted. The mark for Assignment 5 counts towards 20% of the final mark and the final paper 80%. Students who have already passed Assignment 5 in academic year 2014-2015 only need to resit the final paper. Students must enrol in uSis before the deadline and must also register on Blackboard. Enrolment in uSis is possible until a week before the start of a course and 10 days before the exam.


There will be no series of seven lectures in academic year 2015-2016. Instead the following will be offered to students who need to retake and complete this course:
1 They will be given access to the lecture slides and other study materials from the year 2014-2015 on a new Blackboard site. This site will also be used for further communication. Students must therefore make sure they enrol before the deadline.
2 Two seminars of one-and-a-half hours will be held for students in the middle and at the end of block 3. These seminars will take the following shape:

  • Students will be expected to prepare for each seminar by studying the material from year 2014-2015 in detail. Proper preparation for these seminars is essential if students wish to pass the course. Furthermore, these seminars will only succeed if students have a thorough prior understanding of the material, because there will not be sufficient time to cover everything. Students must therefore make sure that they have studied the material thoroughly before attending these seminars;

  • The lecturers will provide an interactive lecture comprising a short review of the main themes and topics of the course;

  • Students will be given ample opportunity to ask any questions about the course materials in a Q&A session at both seminars.

  • Seminar 1 will cover the material from weeks 1 to 4 and seminar 2 the material from weeks 5 to 7.

  • This transitional arrangement also provides the opportunity to resit exams that students sat in block 3. This resit will be during the regular resit period.