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Science and Society I: an Introduction


Admission requirements

Admitted into the Honours College FSW program.


Eight sessions give students an introduction to science in society. Five of these eight sessions are interactive seminars, chaired by leading professors and emeritus professors. Students prepare for each session by reading one or two research articles or carrying out an assignment. Each session is followed by an consolidation assignment.
Next to the seminars there are two workshops students attend to. These workshops adress writing an essay and how to design an scientific poster
The course is concluded with a final session at which each student presents a scientific poster about one of the subjects discussed.

Course objectives

  • Students acquire knowledge and insight about how scientific knowledge comes about in various research domains and how this knowledge is translated or passed on to society.

  • Develop an inquiring mind and a searching and critical attitude.


All sessions in this track are compulsory and you cannot catch up on the session at a later date. Please check you can attend al sessions. (Make sure you check the international programme).

Timetable Year I

Mode of instruction

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Home study

  • Excursion

Assessment method

To complete the course students are required to revise and resubmit a number of written assingments. They also give a poster presentation in which they put forward their own vies about one of the topics covered.

Reading list

Compulsory literature will be announced on Blackboard


Students are automatically registrated when they are admitted into the Honours College FSW program.


Secretariat Honours College FSW room 5A12.