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Honours College FSW

The Honours College of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW Honours College) at Leiden University offers students who are looking for an extra challenge the opportunity to follow an Honours Track on top of their regular academic course and learn more about other scientific disciplines.
FSW Honours College offers three different tracks:

  • FSW HC – Science and Society Track
    30 EC interdisciplinary programme for deepening and broadening knowledge, within a community of students.

  • FSW HC – Individual Track
    30 EC tailor-made Honours College FSW programme.

  • FSW HC – Double Bachelor +
    Combination of two complete Bachelor degree programs, supplemented by an interdisciplinary Honours Class.

For more information check the FSW Honours College website.

Science & Society

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Bachelor I (5 EC)

Introduction Science & Society. Students follow an established programme of 5 EC.

Science and Society I: an Introduction 5

Bachelor II (15 EC)

The relationship between science and society is explored in greater depth. Beside two joint field trips, students choose there own programme of 15 EC.
This programme consist of at least one of the following three courses (5 EC):

Leadership 5
Doing REAL Research: Researcher in a Digital Society 5
Triple S: Sleep? Do we really need it? 3
Triple S: Prevention and repression of juvenile delinquency 3
Triple S: Intuition 2

Made up to 15 EC with:

Besides the following courses second-year students of the Honours College FSW may take a course from the Bachelor’s degree programme Liberal Arts and Sciences – Global Challenges given by Leiden University College (LUC).
To see what courses are available check the website.
Bear in mind that of the available places LUC students take precedence and students must take a course at level 200 or higher. Students must consult their coach to see if they have sufficient prior knowledge to take the course.
Students who wish to take a course at the LUC should tell their coach as soon as possible which course they wish to take, including the catalogue number.

How does science helps practice evolve (and the other way around)? 5
Honours Lectures 5
Honours Class (Honours College FSW) 5
Lecture series 1
Lectures & Journalism 3
Honours Mini Research Internship 1
Internship 1

and/or a maximum of 5 EC from the following:

Second-year students of the Honours College FSW may choose to take one course (5 EC) from their bachelor’s degree programme. Besides the regular assessment method students will also do an extra assignment. The course chosen should not be a compulsory course, but one of the electives in a degree programme. As such this course is not part of the student’s regular bachelor’s curriculum.
When choosing a course of their own bachelor’s degree programme, this excludes the possibility of doing a course from a other BA programme (and vice versa). Courses followed should be at level 300 or above.

Second-year students also have the possibility to take one course (5 EC) from a different bachelor’s degree programme. Courses followed should also be at level 300 or above. This excludes the possibility of doing a course in their own bachelor programme (and vice versa).

Bachelor III (10 EC)

The programme for year three of the Honours College FSW entails 10 EC and is the final year of the Science & Society track.

Science & Society III 2
Honours Class (Honours College FSW) 5
Extended Bachelor's Thesis 3


The Honours College FSW offers students the possibility to compose their own programme. Students are free in doing so, however their plan needs to be approved by the Examination Board.

Approval of the composed programme is based on a study plan. This study plan will be approved by the Examination Board if:

  • It meets the minimum of 30 EC;

  • It contains 20 EC of research or educational activities;

  • It coalesces with Leiden University’s attititude towards excellence and with the profile of the excellent student;

  • It contains an interdisciplinary Honours Class worth 5 EC.

The faculty Honours coordinator can help composing the study plan.

Check the website for additional information.

Double Bachelor+

The Honours College FSW offers a special programme for students with two bachelor’s courses. Beside completing their bachelor’s courses, students are expected to compelte a Honours Class (5 EC).

Applying for the Double Bachelor+ programme is possible till the end of the second year (of the first started study) en if the following requirements are met:

  • The student takes two Bachelor’s courses, one at Leiden University Social Sciences faculty;

  • The student has good grades and is looking for an extra challenge;

  • The student has a nominal study progress for both Bachelor’s courses.

Check the website.