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Doing REAL Research: Researcher in a Digital Society


Admission requirements

Admitted to the Honours College FSW program.


This course offers you the opportunity to act as an autonomous, curious researcher. You will design a social scientific research project, execute your plan, and report and present the results. To realize this, we use the unique ‘REAL’ methodology (Research Exchange Accelerated Learning), developed within the Honours College FSW.
The general domain of the subject will be our increasingly digitalizing society. Students will be invited to scientifically explore their own curiosity using different disciplines.

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is to develop and understand qualities and competencies as scientific researchers. At the end of the course students acquired knowledge and skills to quickly transform their curiosity into researchable questions, and find empirical answers, and know how to conduct real social scientific research.


Check the Science & Society program.

Mode of instruction

Using social media and advanced online research tools, a research cyle will be set up and performed in a short amount of time.
During this time students will be working in small teams in a scientifically sound manner.

Assessment method

The final result of the course consists of individual contributions in terms of a weekly written online blog on your competence development, responses to the contributions of other students (peer review), a final mini-conference of the group research project, and a brief but consise report of the research project.

Reading list

Literature is mainly collected by the students themselves during the course, additonal course specific literature is provided through Blackboard. In general online articles will be used.


Registrate with personal subplan.


In case of any questions please contact Dhr. Dr. M.P.H.D. Cleiren.


Number of participants per semester is 20. Attendance is absolutely necessary for all meetings, as well as making time available for doing research in between meetings.