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Triple S: Sleep? Do we really need it?


Admission requirements

Admitted to the Honours College FSW program.


The Short Science & Society, or Triple S are made up of short thematic courses. In interactive meetings the designated theme is discussed with researchers from various scientific disciplines, as well as with guest speakers from major societal institutions.
This Triple S course the very interesting phenomenon sleep is explored. What is sleep? Is sleep useful? What problems experience people with sleeping? Does sleep deprivation affect health, cognition, and emotional functioning in children and adults? And if so what are the consequences for society? Besides these questions the relationship between sleeping problems and mental health problems will be discussed. Lastly, there will be discussed how insomnia in adolescents is best treated.

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is to develop an understanding of, and gain insight into the phenomenon sleep.


Check the Science & Society program.

Mode of instruction

  • Lectures

  • Research

Assessment method

  • Data is collected about students own sleeping behaviours as well as that of a number of others with different methods. The results will be compared.

  • Studying the research literature on whether sleeping behaviour influences daily functioning, and reflect on how we would be able to measure that.

  • Write a paper about findings.

Reading list

Additional literature will be announced on Blackboard.


Registrate with personal subplan.


Mw. Dr. M.J.A.J. Verhallen.


Number of maximum participants per semester is 20.