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Politics, Ideologies, and Societies in the Middle East


Admission requirements

Requirement for BA in MMES track and successfully passed both History of Middle East 1500-present and Economies of the Middle East or premaster students. All other students must obtain permission of instructor.


This course is an advanced survey of ideology and politics in the Middle East, and their impact upon the societies in the region, now and in recent decades. It takes an historical approach and critically reviews the concepts and approaches developed in relation to Middle Eastern politics and societies. Such concepts include Ba’athism, Nasserism, Islamism, Salafism, neoliberalism, pluralism and sectarianism.

Course objectives

Students will acquire a good understanding of the political and social developments in the Middle East in the 20th and 21st century. They learn to contextualize major issues in the current politics of the region. They will learn how to engage with sources and literature in a critical manner.


Timetable BA MOS

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar, with mandatory attendance.

Course Load

Total course load 5 EC x 28 hours= 140 hours

  • Lectures: 2 × 13 = 26 hours

  • Study of compulsory literature and preparation exam: 74 hours

  • Assignment(s): 40 hours (to do reading, research, writing, and preparing presentation)


Blackboard will be used for:

  • posting literature and information about the course.

Assessment method

  • Class attendance and preparation (25%)

  • Assignment (25%)

  • In class exam with open questions (50%)

Reading list

To be determined.



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