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Mechanical Metamaterials


Admission Requirements

BSc in Physics or similar


This course introduces and discusses the physical principles of mechanical metamaterials. Research on these metamaterials, whose properties depend on their geometric structure rather than their composition, has exploded in the last five years. Examples of such metamaterials include patterned elastic media and origami (folding) structures, leading to unusual negative response, programmable mechanics and shape morphing materials.
Using recent literature, we discuss these materials, as well as their underlying principles, which include (tensorial) elasticity and elastic instabilities, mechanisms, frustration and combinatorics: cool physics for new weird materials.

Course objectives

Concise description of the course objectives formulated in terms of knowledge, insight and skills students will have acquired at the end of the course. The relationship between these objectives and achievement levels for the programme should be evident.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

Weekly lectures, exercises, paper reading and student presentations.

Assessment method

Grading according to a weighted average of exercies and presentations


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Reading list

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Contact information:

Lecture Prof.dr. Martin van Hecke