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The Master Physics programme consists of the specialisations mentioned below.
A more detailed overview of the programme structure of each specialisation can be found in the Course and Examination Regulations (right menu).
For information on courses and requirements of each specialisation, please follow the links below:

Research Specialisations Biological and Soft Matter Physics Casimir pre-PhD
Cosmology Quantum Matter and Optics
Theoretical Physics

Interdisciplinary Specialisations Physics and Education Physics and Science-based Business
Physics and Science Communication and Society

For questions contact the Study Advisor Physics, Hara Papathanassiou

First semester courses 2017-2018

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Biophysics 6
Advanced Optics 6
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I 6
Complex network (BM) 6
Condensed Matter Physics 6
Effective Field Theory 3
Frontiers of Measurement Techniques 3
Magnetic Resonance Physics 3
Origin and Structure of the Standard Model 3
Quantum Information 3
Quantum Theory 6
Soft and Biomatter Theory 6
Statistical Physics a 6
Statistical Physics b 3
Theory of General Relativity 6

Second semester courses 2017-2018

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic and Professional Skills 3
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics II 6
Black Holes and Gravitational Waves 3
Computational Physics (3 EC) 3
Computational Physics (6 EC) 6
Mechanical Metamaterials 6
Particle Physics and Early Universe 3
Quantum Field Theory 6
Quantum Optics 6
Single Molecule Optics 6
Theory of Condensed Matter 6
Theoretical Biophysics 6
Topics in Theoretical Physics 6

Course Level

Level indication

The level of an individual course is indicated with a number ranging from 100 to 600 as follows:

  • Level 100
    Introductory course; no course prerequisites
    Intensive supervision, textbooks in Dutch, guided work groups, etc
    Mostly first year courses, some second year (bachelor’s)

  • Level 200
    Introductory course; no specific course prerequisistes
    Independent study techniques required, books in English may be used
    Mostly second year courses, some first year (bachelor’s)

  • Level 300
    Course for advanced students; course prerequisites at level 100 or 200
    Books in various languages (only if relevant)
    Examinations test the student’s skills in applying acquired knowledge and insights into new problems

  • Level 400
    Specialised course; course prerequisites at level 200 or 300
    Books mostly in languages other than Dutch; extensive use of scientific articles
    Examination may include a small research project, an oral report, or written papers
    Third year bachelor’s or first year master’s course

  • Level 500
    Master course: scientifically oriented course
    Course prerequisites at level 300/400
    Scientific advanced specialist/professional literature

  • Level 600
    Master course: very advanced scientific course with as prerequisite a level 400/500 course
    Latest developments in scientific field
    Examination consists of a contribution to an unsolved problem, with an oral presentation