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Condensed Matter Physics


Admission Requirements

Introduction to solid state physics: bandstructure, crystal symmetries, phonons. Introductory quantum mechanics course.


In this course we provide students that have an experimental interest with an overview of topics that are of interest in current condensed matter physics research, with an emphasis on the research performed in the condensed matter groups in the Leiden institute of physics. The teaching material will be made available through blackboard.

Course objectives

Mesoscopic physics, Coulomb blockade, co-tunneling, Kondo effect, Graphene, Drude model, mobility
Quantum Hall effect, Fractional quantum hall effect, nuclear magnetic resonance as a probe of electronic states, triplet superconductivity, Mott insulator, strange metal, phase diagram.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

12 times a 2 hour lecture and 6 times a 2 hour workgroup

Assessment method

100% of the grade is due to the exam.


Blackboard is used to distribute Course information
To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Reading list

Material will be available through blackboard and must be studied before the start of each lecture.

Contact information:

Lecturers Oosterkamp Sense Jan van der Molen