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Final Paper Bachelor Art History


Admission requirements

Completed first year (Propedeuse) of the bachelor Art History or education at a similar level. Successfully completed second year seminars (or the equivalent thereof).


The bachelor final paper is the final excercise of the BA programme. In this component of the programme the student is supposed to proof he/she is capable of planning and doing a student research project.

The subject of the bachelor paper is chosen within the student's specialisation and determined in consultation with the accompanying professor/docent. It is advisable to do this individual research as an extension of the work being done in the BA3 seminar or the lectures in the BA 3rd year Perspectives on art history research course. Prior to the beginning of the second semester it must be clear what is the specialisation and subject matte, and who will be the final paper supervisor. These topics are covered in the Seminar Bachelor Thesis (Art History). It is therefore the intention that this will be successfully completed before students start with the Final Paper Bachelor Art History.

Course Objectives

  • Supervised by a lecturer students learn to independently do a small-scale scholarly research in the domain of art history, using tools and methodologies relevant for the specialisation.


For the timing of this programme component see the related information on Blackboard, especially [1718] BA eindwerkstuk Kunstgeschiedenis.

Mode of instruction

  • Research on an individual basis; supervision.

Course Load

Course load in summary: 10 ects (280 hrs)

280 hours

Assessment method

  • Bachelor final paper (100%)

The Bachelor Final Paper is about 17-21 pages in size, which is the equivalent of about 8.500 words (plus or minus 1.000). In principle this includes notes, references and appendices. The 8.500 words indicator is not strict. The final paper should not substantially exceed 8.500 words if notes etc. are not included; it should not be substantially less than 8.500 if notes etc. are included. Please ask your supervisor in case of doubt.

Handing in a digital version of your final paper is mandatory. Students should consult their supervisor about paper versions etc.

To hand-in your final paper, use the corresponding Blackboard site: [1718] BA eindwerkstuk Kunstgeschiedenis – where under the heading Assignments your final version can be uploaded.

Compensation: not applicable.

Re-sit: one re-sit.

Exam review: How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will be organized.


Blackboard will be used to publish relevant information and to upload your final paper.


Refer to Blackboard.


Please consult the coordinator of studies for the BA Art History

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