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Introduction to Public Administration



This course is open to Students of the Minor Public Administration Multi-Level Governance: id en Management, and Leiden University students (elective/keuzevak). Per group a max amount of students is determined.


Public administration is concerned with policy making, public management and the political – administrative relations.
In this introductory course we will discuss the basic issues and concepts of public administration, such as:

  • The characteristics of public organizations;

  • The policy cycle and the factors that influence the effectiveness and transparency of public policy programs;

  • The leadership styles of public administrators and the legal, political, social and administrative context of public organizations;

  • The most important management doctrines: Human Resources Management, New Public Management, Public Network Management;

  • The accountability of public administrators and the possibility of administrative ethics;

  • The institutional characteristics of public administration in the Netherlands and the EU.

Course objectives

  • Students should acquire knowledge of the basic concepts of public administration regarding the policy cycle, public management and public organizations.

  • Students should acquire a profound understanding of the most important doctrines of public management.

  • Students should acquire knowledge of the most important public institutions of the Netherlands and the EU.

  • Students must be able to apply the concepts of public administration to analyze current policy issues and the performing of public organizations.

  • Students must be able to reflect on the ethical issues of public administration.



Mode of Instruction

Seminars (compulsory).

Course Load

Total course load:140 hours
Seminars:14 hours
Weekly assignments:30 hours
Studying literature: 56 hours
Paper: 40 hours

Assessment method

5 weekly assignments (50%), in which students have to discuss the literature and apply the literature to governance issues. There is no option for compensation.
A paper (10 pp.; 50%), in which students have to report on a small research.


Blackboard will be available a week before the start of the course.

Reading list



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D.A.G.T. van Osch MSc MA