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Social Science Research in Practice


Admission requirements

This course is part of the Propedeutic phase CA-OS, the Pre-master CA-OS, and the propaedeutic phase of Archeology: Heritage & Society. Students enrolled for any one of those programmes have access to this course but must enrol via Usis as described below under Enrolment.
Those who wish to take this course as contract students must register in accordance with the procedure set out on this page of the faculty website .
It is not advisable for Contract Students to follow this course before at least one introductory anthropological course has been completed.


This course focuses on acquiring practical knowledge of data collection procedures in social science research and on contextualising scientific research within certain knowledge paradigms. Students will learn how to formulate questions, collect data, apply specific methods and techniques of research and to look critically at the relationship between data and knowledge..

Learning goals

Specific objectives:
1. Preparing and executing basic knowledge about research
2. Applying generally accepted methods and techniques within social sciences
3. Defining and operationalizing concepts
4. Understand, apply and critically view relationships among questions, methods, analysis and knowledge.
5. Learn to apply scientific-philosophical critiques


Dates and room numbers can be found on the [website](https://www.student.universiteitleiden.nl/studie-en-studeren/studie/onderwijsinformatie/roosters/sociale-wetenschappen/culturele-antropologie-en-ontwikkelingssociologie-bsc? cf = social sciences & cd = cultural-anthropology-and-development-sociology-bsc # tab-2)

Mode of instruction

Total: 10 ECTS = 280 study tax hours (sbu)
All lectures, practicals and work groups are mandatory.

  • Lectures: twice a week

  • Working groups: once a week

  • exercises

  • literature: approximately 700 pages

Assessment method

  • compulsory participation in all lectures, practicals and work groups. Absence is permissible only with the express permission of the lecturer.

  • written examination on lecture material and literature, with closed and open questions

  • assignments to the working groups and practicals

Only the final mark is registered in Usis. Only if the final mark is inadequate it may be re-taken during the re-take test.

Registering exam

Students are required to register in Usis for every examination and may do so up to 11 calendar days before an examination Read more

Enrollment in uSis

All participants must register in Usis for lectures and examinations. Registration is not necessary for working groups and practicals. Registration periods and further information about the procedure are given on the website on course registration.


Blackboard is used for the provision of study material (syllabus and powerpoints) and for announcements. Grade centre is also used.

Study material

o Bryman, A., Social Research Methods, 4th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2012)
o Cramer, K., The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker (2016)
o Articles accessible through Blackboard.


Lecturers / examiners: Jasmijn Rana Andrew Littlejohn

Working group tutors: Kate Kirk Simone de Boer John Boy