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Introduction to Video Game Making


Admission requirements

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Once upon a time, developing computer games required in-depth knowledge of computer hardware, how it works, and how to program for it. While this is still the case for commercial game development, there are now more resources than ever that support newcomers in creating a game project. In this course you will learn how to deconstruct a game idea into the many individual technical challenges that need to be solved to create it. As part of this course you will learn the basic principles of game programming and creating simple game elements. Apart of creating games, this course will give you a deeper understanding of the ways in which the technological aspects of the medium shape their rhetorical, visual, narrative, and kinetic dimensions. This will help you to become a well-informed game critic, a better critic of contemporary popular culture in general, and give you the ability to express your ideas through the medium of video games.

To enjoy this course you should be enthusiastic about creating games, and ideally have a little experience with programming. A personal laptop for use during class is highly recommended to get the most out of each lecture.

Course objectives

  • Create computer games from scratch

  • Understand the fundamentals of (game-) programming

  • Deconstruct the intended functionality of a game into smaller tasks

  • Find several ways to solve a task and make informed decisions when choosing specific solutions

  • Understand the difference between game development, game design, and many of the individual tasks that go into making a game


The most updated version of the timetables can be found on the students' website:

Mode of instruction

Lectures, self study, discussions, and team work.

Assessment method

  • Completion of training assignments (40%)

  • Final game project (40%)

  • Presentations and collaboration (20%)

Reading list

Throughout the course you will receive articles or papers to read and games to play. All essential material will be free of charge, but we might recommend additional material, such as games, that are not free.




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