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Data Structures


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The course is about algorithms and data structures. It involves learning to design and understand algorithms. Data is tightly connected with algorithms, since it is used in as input, output, but also as part of their internal operation. During the course we will examine the structuring and representation of data. There are various standard data structures such as lists, trees, arrays and sets, each characterized by its structure and methods. The standard data structures can work with a wide range of algorithms, while there also exist data structures that are tailored to a limited class of algorithms. We will review standard data structures such as stacks, queues, lists, binary and multiway trees, priority queues and graphs. Our approach to the design of data structures is via Abstract Data Types (which is closely linked to OO programming). By using ADTs, we can separate the use of the data structure and the definition of its desired behavior from the implementation. Topics: Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees, Multiway Trees, Graphs, Hashing, Data Compression, String Matching, Randomized Algorithms.

Course objectives

Understanding and using standard data structures and their associated algorithms, obtaining some understanding of differences in efficiency, learning to think abstractly: differentiating between definition and implementation.


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Mode of instruction

Two hours of lectures per week, followed by two hours of lab work on programming assignments.

Assessment method

Written exams. In addition, the course involves mandatory programming assignments.

Reading list

The recommended book is: Adam Drozdek, Data Structures and Algorithms in C ++, 4th / International Edition. ISBN13: 9781133613053. This book is recommended but not mandatory. In addition, a handout is available.


Course can be found as Data Structures 4032DTASE-1920FWN


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Onderwijscoordinator Riet Derogee


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