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Quantum Information


Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Physics (Quantummechanics 1), or equivalent background knowledge of quantum mechanics


Introduction to quantum information processing from a physics perspective; topics include: qubits, Bloch sphere, fidelity, quantum gates (Pauli, Hadamard, Toffoli, CNOT), density matrix, pure vs. mixed states, entanglement, Schmidt decomposition, concurrence, teleportation, Bell states, Bell inequality, no-cloning theorem, quantum key distribution, quantum algorithms (Deutsch-Jozsa, Simon, Grover), quantum error correction

Course objectives

At the end of the course the student should be able to understand the essential aspects of a modern research publication in the field of quantum computation.


Physics Schedule
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Mode of instruction

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Assessment method

Written examination, with questions modeled after the exercises from the tutorials. There is a possibility to retake the exam.


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Reading list

Quantum Information by John Preskill (online lecture notes)

Contact information:

Lecturers Prof.dr.Carlo Beenakker


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