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Physics: Science Communication and Society

The Science Communication and Society (SCS) specialisation concerns science communication in a broad sense. It prepares students for a career in popularisation of science, for example, as a science communicator, a science policymaker or a public relations officer, or for a career as a scientist with a communicating mind-set. The 2-year programme consists of a Physics component, to be followed in the first year, and a Science Communication and Society component, to be followed in the second year:

Physics Programme (60 EC):

Mandatory Courses (15 EC)
Research Project (36 EC)
Electives (9 EC)

Science Communication and Society (SCS) Progamme (60 EC):

Science Commuincation and Society Programme

Study Plan

At the start of the master’s programme in September, students are required to draw up a complete overview of the courses and projects they are planning to follow in the 2 subsequent academic years. This Master Study Plan needs to be approved by the Study Advisor Physics. To select courses, students need to consult the course list for academic year 2020-2021 (see below)

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