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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
BA3 seminar: Preservation as a Creative Practice in the Long Nineteenth Century 10
BA3 Seminar: Sensing Style: from Subcultures to Digital Bubbles 10
BA3 werkcollege Latijn: Epische geschiedenis: Lucanus’ Bellum civile en Romeinse historiografie 5
Bachelor Internship Art History 10/15
Bachelor Thesis Arts, Media and Society 10
Bachelor’s Thesis Dutch Studies 10
Bacheloreindwerkstuk Griekse en Latijnse taal en cultuur 10
Baudelaire, poète et critique d'art 10
Beginnend Chinees A voor studenten ChES 5
Beginnend Chinees B voor studenten ChES 5
Beginner's Hebrew 10
Beginner's Turkish 10
Beginners Course 1A - Language Acquisition I 15
Beroemde Boeken 5
Beyond the threat 5
Beyond the Village. Community in South Asia, c.1500-1900 10
Biblical Aramaic 5
Biblical Hebrew 1 10
Biblical Hebrew 2 5
Biblical Hebrew 3 5
Big Media 5
Bilingual Acquisition 10
Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Portuguese speaking world (TK4) 5
Biodiversity in the City 10
Boekwetenschap in de praktijk 5
Brazil in the Portuguese Speaking World: Political and Cultural Dynamics 10
Brazil: The Construction of a World Power 5
Brexit and Populism in Europe 5
Bridging Theory and Practice 5
Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia 5
Buddhist Art 5
Buddhist Art 5
Buitenlandverblijf Chili en Brazilië 30
Bureaucratic Revolution 5
Can the Subaltern Write? China’s Migrant Worker Culture 10
Can the Subaltern Write? China’s Migrant Worker Culture (ResMA) 10
CANCELLED: Practical Rhetoric: public speaking according to historical sources 5
Capitalism and Beyond 10
Capolavori moderni e contemporanei 5
Caring and punishing since 1900 10
Case Studies on Moroccan Culture and Society 5
Chile Visiting Chair 2021 10
China and Global Cyberspace 10
China and Global Cyberspace (ResMA) 10
China and the Global Political Economy 5
China from the Margins. A Coastal and South Perspective up to 1900 5
China-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order 10
China's International Political Economy 10
China's International Political Economy (ResMA) 10
Chinese Buddhism 5