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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Contemporary Indian Politics 10
Contemporary Indian Politics (ResMA) 10
Contemporary Issues - Privatissimum 10
Contemporary Italian 10
Contemporary Metaphysics 10
Contemporary novels 5
Contemporary Political Philosophy 5
Contemporary Theories of Film 10
Contemporary Visions of Gender and Sexuality 10
Continental Philosophy 5
Contract of Employment 5
Cooperation, Conflict, and Negotiation 5
Coping with Versnel: debating ancient religions 10
Core Concepts in Political Philosophy 10
Core Course Culture and Politics 10
Core Course Global Conflict in the Modern Era 10
Core Course Global Order in Historical Perspective 10
Core Course Global Political Economy 10
Core Course: Classics Now! 5/10
Core Course: Methodological Concepts in Arts, Literature and Media 10
Core Course: Methodologies and Theories – Medieval & Early Modern 10
Core curriculum: Area Studies 5
Core curriculum: Introduction Literary Theory 5
Core Curriculum: Introduction to Linguistics 5
Core curriculum: Introduction to Literary Theory 5
Core: Philosophy of science 5
Core: Research Methods in Linguistics 10
Core: Samples of Linguistic Structure 10
Corporate Entrepreneurship (minor Science, Business, and Innovation) 5
Corporate Finance 5
Corporate Social Responsibility 5
Corporate Structures and Legal Entities for the Civil Law Notary 10
Corporate Tax Policy 5
Corpus Lexicography 10
Corruption in Russia and Eurasia 10
Coschap Beschouwend 21
Course on Laboratory Animal Science Basic and Species-Specific Rodent 4
Courses MA Asian Studies 10/20
Courses MA Linguistics: Linguistics 10/20
Courses MA Literary Studies 10/20
Courses Modern Languages: English 10/20
Courses Modern Languages: French 10/20
Courses Modern Languages: German 10/20
Courses Modern Languages: Italian 10/20
Courts and Sentencing 5
Creative Programming 6
Creative Writing 5
Creative Writing: Four crucial Choices 5
Creative Writing: Het Verrassende Nut van Fictie 5
Creativity and Culture in Contemporary China 10