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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Traduzione olandese-italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Transdisciplinary skills 6
Transitional Justice 5
Transitions, Innovation and Governance 5
Translation Studies 5
Translation Studies 10
Translational Neurogenetics 6
Translational Neuroscience 15
Transmedia: Story, World, Multivers 5
Transmission and Transformation of Culture in Europe, 800-1700 5
Transnational Civil Law 5
Transnational organised crime and the future of global security 5
Transparency, Secrecy and Privacy in Democratic Societies 10
Transport Phenomena in the Life Sciences 6
Trauma and Mental Health: Etiology, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment 5
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods south East Asia (next course in 2021-2022) 6
Truth and Its History 10
Turco-Persian Empires 10
Turkish through Media 5
Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law 5
Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law (Campus The Hague) 5
Tutoraat (inclusief Nederlandse taaltoets, bibliotheektutorial en practicum proefpersonen) 4
Tutoraat Bestuurskunde Ba1
Tutorial 10
Tutorial Academic Skills 5
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial General History of the Contemporary Time (AGC) 0
Tutorial General History of the Early Modern Period (AGN) 0
Tutorial Introduction Ancient History (OG) 0
Tutorial Introduction Dutch History (NG) 0
Tutorial Introduction Economic and Social History (ESG) 0
Tutorial Introduction Medieval History (MG) 0
Tutorial Labour Law (1) 10
Tutorial Labour Law (2) 10
Tutorial Sumerian 5
Tutoring and Career Orientation Programme Second Year 0
Tutoring and Career Orientation Programme Third Year 0
Tutoring for the First Year CADS 0
Tutorprogramma basisschoolleerlingen 5
TV Series 5
Tweede Taal in Afrika 15
Tweedetaalverwerving: de invloed van moedertaal en taalaanleg 5
Tweedetaalverwerving: didactiek en toetsing 5
Twentieth Century French Philosophy 10
U.S. Culture and Identity in an Age of Globalization 10
Uitgeven Anno Nu 5
Uitleg en overtuiging. Retorica in theorie en praktijk 5
Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes 5