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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Western Visual Arts and Architecture - 2000 Part I a 5
Western Visual Arts and Architecture - 2000 Part I b 5
Western Visual Arts and Architecture – 2000 Part II 5
Wetenschappelijk project en masterscriptie 30
Wetenschapsjournalistiek 10
Wetenschapsjournalistiek 4
Wetenschapsstage 24/30/36
What History and for Whom? Activist Historians in the 19th and 20th Centuries 10
What is Culture? 5
What is the navel of the world? Eastern metropoles in the Roman Empire 10
What is Thinking? Continental Conceptions 10
Who Makes History in Transvaal? Local, Colonial & Global History of a Leiden Neighbourhood 1860-2020 10
Who Wears the Toga at Home? Clothing as Social and Cultural Marker in the Roman World 10
WikiLogic: How the Internet affects the way we think 5
Wiskundige structuren 6
Wittgenstein on Certainty 10
Wittgenstein on Certainty 10
Women, Human Rights, and World Religions 5
Word and Image in Premodern Japanese Culture (ResMA) 10
Word and Image in Premodern Japanese Culture: Reworking the Classics 10
Word and Meaning 5
WORK (Career Orientation & Competence Reflection) 0
Work and Stress 5
Working for the Government as ICT Expert 6
Working Through 9/11: Literature, Film, and Memorial Culture 10
Workplacement 10
Workshop Cross Cultural Management
World Archaeology 1 5
World Archaeology 2 5
World Archaeology 3 5
World Art Studies 5
World Capitalism and its Critics 10
World Cinema A 5
World Mythology 5/10
World Philosophies: Africa 5
World Philosophies: China 5
World Philosophies: Greek and Roman Antiquity 5
World Philosophies: India 5
World Philosophies: Middle East 5
World Philosophies: Modern Europe 5
World Regional Geography 5
Writing and presenting a Historical Essay I 5
Writing and Presenting a Historical Essay II 10
Writing tutorials
Writing/Grammar 1B - Language Acquisition I 5
WTO and Investment Law 8
Year in China A 30
Year in China B 30
You Are What You Eat: Gender, Class, Ethnicity and Food Culture 10
Young Adult Literature: Animation, Comic Strips, and Graphic Novel 5