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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Comparative Romance Linguistics 5
Comparative Stylistics 5
Comparative Syntax 10
Comparative Syntax 10
Computational Corpus Analysis 5
Computational Models and Semantics 6
Conceptions of Knowledge in India and China 10
Concepts of Selfhood 5
Confucianism in Context 10
Confucianism in Context (ResMA) 10
Consciousness in Buddhism 10
Contemporary Academic Publishing 5
Contemporary African Philosophy 10
Contemporary Brazil 10
Contemporary French Philosophy 10
Contemporary Indian Politics 5
Contemporary Indian Politics 10
Contemporary Indian Politics (ResMA) 10
Contemporary Japanese Politics and International Relations 5
Contemporary novels 5
Contemporary Theories of Film 10
Contemporary Visions of Gender and Sexuality 10
Continental Philosophy 5
Continental Political Philosophy 10
Coptic 1 10
Core Concepts in Political Philosophy 10
Core Course Culture and Politics 10
Core Course Global Conflict in the Modern Era 10
Core Course Global Order in Historical Perspective 10
Core Course Global Political Economy 10
Core Course I: Critical Perspectives in Art History and Museum Studies 10
Core Course II: Art History and Curatorial Practice 10
Core Course: Classics Now! 5
Core Course: Methodological Concepts in Arts, Literature and Media 10
Core Course: Methodologies and Theories – Medieval & Early Modern 10
Core curriculum: Area Studies 5
Core curriculum: Introduction Literary Theory 5
Core Curriculum: Introduction to Linguistics 5
Core curriculum: Introduction to Literary Theory 5
Core: Philosophy of science 5
Core: Research Methods in Linguistics 10
Core: Samples of Linguistic Structure 10
Corpus Lexicography 10
Corso monografico: Cinema & Letteratura nel Novecento Italiano 5
Corso monografico: L'italiano dell'economia e del commercio 5
Corso monografico: Traduzione olandese-italiano 5
Corso monografico: Trasporre e tradurre la letteratura: italiano-olandese 5
Courses MA Asian Studies 10/20
Courses MA Linguistics: Linguistics 10/20
Courses MA Literary Studies 10/20