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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Orality and Literacy in Africa: Manuscripts, Memory and Oral Delivery 5
Organisation of the ageing society 10
Organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis (OCHC) 6
Orientatie op onderwijs 6
Origin and Evolution of the Universe 6
Origin and Structure of the Standard Model 3
Orthopedagogiek: theorieën en modellen 5
Ottoman Turkish (Fall) 5 or 10
Ottoman Turkish (Spring) 5 or 10
Ottoman Turkish 2 5
Overview Ancient History 1: From Mycenean Greece to the Hellenistic World 5
Overview Ancient History 2: From Romulus and Remus to Romulus Augustulus 5
Palaeography of the Greek Papyri and Edition Technique of Papyrus Documents 5
Paleografie van de Griekse papyrologie 2 5
Panorama of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period 5
Particle Physics and Early Universe 3
Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding: Policy, Practice and Pragmatism 5
People and Organizations 5
Performance Arts ― Public Sphere ― Post-Political? 5
Persian Language and Culture 1 10
Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology 5
Perspectives on art historical research 5
Pharmaceutical Outcome Research – Scientific key in the Life Cycle of Pharmaceutical Interventions 4
Pharmaceuticals from Plants 5
Pharmacological and Biological Approaches to Clinical and Health Psychology 5
Philology 1: Introduction to Middle English Language and Literature 5
Philology 2: Introduction to Old English Language and Literature 10
Philology 4A: Highlights of Medieval English Literature 5
Philology 4B: Early Modern Everyday English 5
Philology 5A: Old English Literature and Culture 10
Philology 5B: Late Modern English 10
Philology 6: Middle English Literature and Culture 10
Philosophy of Law II 5
Philosophy of Science 5
Philosophy of Science and the City 5
Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology of Spanish and Portuguese 5
Phonology 2 5
Photochemistry (PC) 6
Photographing Egypt, Greece, and the Near East 10
Photosynthesis and Bioenergy (PBE) 6
Physics Experiments 1 3
Physics Experiments 2 5
Physics Experiments 3 2
Physics of Energy 3
Physics of Life - From Motors to Nerve Pulses 6
Physics of Life (from DNA to protein) 3
Pilgrimage and Holy Places 10
Place to Action - Art that Interferes 3
Planetary Systems 3
Playful and Creative Science 6