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Archaeology: Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

This specialisation is part of the Master programme Archaeology

This taught programme is suitable for graduates in Archaeology, Ancient History and Classics, but also for those qualified in History and Anthropology. Courses are closely related to the central theme of the department, which is the Archaeology of Town and Country in the Mediterranean region. Different aspects of this theme will be treated each year, and will include topics such as Houses and Society, Urbanism, Landscape Archaeology and Symbolic Culture (Architecture and Art).

Apart from the specific courses, there is always a Current Issues course, where guest speakers from other departments of the University and from other universities give papers on major developments within Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology. The department also organises a graduate seminar, Mare Nostrum, where PhD and research master’s students, and staff, present current research within the department.

In Spring, a Mediterranean Ceramics course is organised, an advanced practical programme in Greece, where Master students learn how to prepare assemblages of pottery for publication.

Staff: Prof. dr. J. Bintliff, Dr. L.B. van der Meer, Dr. M. Versluys