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Vitality and Ageing

The ‘Vitality and Ageing’ master’s degree is tailored specifically to professionals who have completed their basic academic degree and have proven affiliation with vitality, ageing and care for the elderly. No matter the future area of specialisation, this master’s degree is an excellent stepping stone towards modern practice.

The master programme focuses on the biological and social aspects of the ageing process (gerontology), as well as on the medical aspects of the care for elderly people (geriatrics). The organisation and management of the care process is also closely examined. Additionally, the degree programme leaves ample room for personal development – a requirement if one is to provide the highest quality of medical care in the future.

Such initiatives are notably absent from modern medical curricula, making this internationally accredited Master of Science degree unique. The master’s degree also offers a select few the opportunity to proceed to a doctorate programme.

Year 1


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The Ageing Process 2
Biological mechanisms of ageing and development 4
The Anthropology of Ageing 4
The Demography of Ageing 3
Multimorbidity and Geriatric Giants 6
Healthy longevity and vitality 4
Structure and Financing of Healthcare 4
Models of Care 2.5
Governance of healthcare 2.5

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Core characteristics of the medical master programme:

  • High academic level

  • Intensive educational programme

  • Challenging international environment

  • Holistic view of medicine

  • Interdisciplinary approach

  • Personal development

Bachelor degree

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