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Political Arts

There is an increasing awareness of the term ‘the political’ playing an ever increasing role in ever more aspects in today’s world and culture, as well as in the reflection on yesterday’s world and culture. A creative and dynamic approach to the concept when seen in relation with its field of play is the raison d’être of Political Arts. This minor seeks to test the boundaries of the political through a comparative lens—both geo-cultural and temporal—as well as through multi-media work—including the deployment of the creative arts, the performing arts, and culture in general. The new teaching and research agenda in liberal arts themed around political and legal issues being developed at LUC provides an ideal space for such transdisciplinary explorations. Springing off questions of representation, performance, spectatorship, judgment, action, and communication, this minor capitalises the performing and creative arts as a direct means to approach, understand, and promote political aims. Understanding the politics of self and identity as performative, it encourages engagement with queer theory, gender theory, and psychoanalytic theory. Political aesthetics thus intertwines with practical creative performance to form an integrated and lively study of 21st-century aestheticisation of the political.


These courses at the 100-level have been tagged for the Political Arts Minor.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Areas of Theory: Cultural Theory & Area Studies 5
Areas of Theory: Media & Communication Theory 5
Argumentation and Debate 5
Essentials of Journalism: Reporting, Interviewing and Writing for the Print Media 5
Introduction to Political Philosophy 5
World Literature 5


These courses at the 200-level have been tagged for the Political Arts Minor.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Language and Politics 5
International Journalism: Literature of War Journalism 5
International Journalism: 21st Century Conflict 5
Religion and Art: Representing the Sacred across the World 5
Representations of Culture 5


There are no 300-level courses for Political Arts this academic year.