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Archaeology (MSc): Artefact Studies

This is a specialisation of the Master’s programme of Archaeology.

The MSc-programme Artefact Studies centres on the methods and techniques used to study the biographies of mobile artefacts made of stone, ceramics, bone, antler, shell, coral, metal or glass. Topics addressed include the sourcing of raw materials, the reconstruction of the production techniques, use wear and residue analysis, and degradation processes.
Laboratory studies are key in this programme. There is a close cooperation with the Materials Science department of the Technical University Delft in the form of the Centre of Art and Archaeological Sciences.

Staff: mw prof. dr. A.L. van Gijn, dr D. Braekmans, in collaboration with prof. dr J. Dik (CAAS, TUD).

Please note: if you want to take this MSc as a second specialisation, you will be invited for a compulsory advisory interview before the start of the programme.