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Arts and Culture: Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies

Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies is a specialisation in the MA in Arts and Culture. You will be involved with the question of what challenges are offered in the present day by art history. You will gain insights into this by studying the developments in art in the broad context of visual culture, from social and political developments, developments in natural sciences and globalisation. Your insights will be directed by new perspectives that will teach you to understand the multiplicity/versatility of art. In this specialisation you will become familiar with all these subjects and you will research the wealth of modern and contemporary art the place occupied by art as a medium in the world of today. During excursions you will have the opportunity to experience the works of art personally and test your research.

Special features include:

  • Art in a global perspective

  • Art in relation to science

  • Photography as a medium

  • Art theory and aesthetics

Compulsory courses for all students, regardless of specialisation:

  • Practices and debates (5 EC)

  • Reading List (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

In order to meet the demands of any specialisation you need to follow a minimum of 45 EC in your chosen specialisation. The easiest way to do this is to take:

  • 1 compulsory research course in field of specialisation (10 EC)

  • 1 other course in your period of specialisation (10 EC)

  • Reading list (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

An additional course or internship of 10 EC may be chosen in your field of specialisation as well.

Please note that several additional workshops will be offered during the academic year. Information will be available on our website.