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The Master’s programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University covers one year. The programme offers three specialisations;

Within each specialistion there is the possibility to use Visual Ethnography as a Method. How
this study trajectory combines with the Master specialisations is specified
in dedicated sections of the e-Prospectus. See the following links for
Global Economy and Culture , Media, Visual and Material Culture and
Environment and Development .

Within the specialisation ‘Media and Material Culture’, it is also possible to take part in the pilot Museum Anthropology .

Successful completion of the MA program involves completion of all its components:

  • three compulsory courses

  • two elective courses

  • research proposal

  • field-research (fieldwork)

  • MA thesis (in case of “Visual Ethnography as a Method” the thesis has audiovisual & textual components)

The MA programme starts in September of each year. There is also a possibility to start the program in February each year, but students who wish to do so should realise that this involves an alteration in the order of the courses of the MA programme. Students who start in February cannot make use of ‘Visual Ethnography as a Method’ nor take part in the ‘Museum Anthropology’ pilot.