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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

The bachelor programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology trains students to critically examine the processes of culture and development through the lens of the latest theory in the field and both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
The language of tuition for this programme is Dutch. However, the literature used in courses is mostly in English and most elective courses are taught in English. The electives are a part of the second and third year bachelor and as such are listed below.

1st year

Language of instruction for this bachelor programme is Dutch, so please check the Dutch version of this page.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

I Introduction Anthropology and Development Sociology

Culture and Comparison 5
Culture and Globalisation 5
Social Theories 10
Inequality and Development in a Sociological Perspective 5
Expert Seminar in Development Issues 5

II Research Lab

Socio-scientific Research in Practice 10
Culture Deciphered: Statistics in Practice 5

III. Academic Skills

Tutoring for the First Year BA CA-OS n.v.t.
Scientific Writing and Academic (Re) Presentation 5
Research Practice 5
Academic Discourse 5

2nd year

Language of instruction for this bachelor programme is Dutch, so please check the Dutch version of this page.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Tutoring for the Second Year BA CA-OS n.v.t.

I. Anthropological Fields

Economy and Culture: Consumption, Distribution en Production 5
Gender Studies 5
Political Anthropology: An Analysis of Power (In) Balance 5
Religion and Modernity (Basic Module) 5

II. Research Lab

Research Preparation 5
Fieldwork NL 10
Multivariate Analysis: From Data to Report 5

III. Area Studies: Anthropological Knowledge Locally Embedded (one course to choose from)

Anthropology and Sociology of Sub-Saharan Africa 10
Anthropology and Sociology of Contemporary Southeast Asia 10

IV. Anthropological and Sociological Explorations (one course to choose from)

Globalisation 10
Media Worlds 10
Sustainability 10

3rd year

The Thematic Courses stated below are all taught in English, therefore these course are available for international exchange students and study abroad students.
Applications of international students are only dealt with in the context of ther admission to Leiden University (see the application procedure on the website of Leiden University ).

Language of instruction for the bachelor’s programme in Cultural Anthropology and Ddevelopment Sociology is Dutch, so please also check the Dutch version of this page.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Labour Market Orientation (for the last year of the BA CA-OS) n.v.t.

I. Thesis Seminar

Bachelor Thesis 10

II. Further Explorations (A minimum of two thematic courses to choose from)

Contemporary Visual Culture 10
Digital @nthropology: a Critical Take on Information Society 10
Democracy, Human Rights and Social Change 10
Contemporary Challenges in Environment & Society 10
Urban and Rural Development 10
Religion and Modernity (thematic course) 10
Visual Methods 10
Migration and Citizenship 10

III. Fieldschools and Internships

Fieldschool Water Management in the Philippines (Winter Course) 10
Individual Internship (NGO, Museum, etc.) 20

Labour Market Orientation

This part of the Bachelor programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology is offered only in Dutch, so please check the Dutch version of this website for further information.

More info

*The structure of the Bachelor CA-DS”

First year:
60 ECTS of obligoatory courses within the following fields:

  • Introduction in Cultural Anthropology and development Sociology (30 ECTS)

  • Research Lab (15 ECTS)

  • Academic Skills (15 ECTS)

Second year:
Four obligatory courses within the Anthropological Fields (20 ECTS) and the obligatory Second Year’s Research Lab (20 ECTS).
Two elective courses (2× 10 ECTS): one within the Area Studies and one within Anthropological and Sociological Focus.

Third year:

  • BA Thesis (10 ECTS)

  • at least two thematic courses offered by the department CA-OS as part of the 3rd year BA

  • electives for 30 ECTS (to be obtained by more third year’s thematic courses at the department CA-DS, or a minor, or a foreign exchange programme, an internship, or a packeage of electives you selected yourself at other departments)