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Academic Skills and Literacy

LUC has a well-developed and innovative strategy for the development of academic skills and literacy. This strategy reaches across the whole curriculum, ensuring that students in all our majors are exposed to the necessary materials and are given the opportunity to explore things further. Our literacy strategy is tied to the work of the Brill/Nijhoff Writing Institute, which promotes advances writing and communication skills, and the Asiascape Science & Media Centre, which promotes scientific and media literacies, such numeracy and computer sciences. These skills centres are available to all students throughout their careers at LUC, and they work to supplement and support the LUC programme as a whole.

In addition, a series of skills courses comprise a core component of Year 1 at LUC; they are designed to provide students with the foundational academic skills required to be a successful, articulate, numerate, and media savvy student. These skills are further developed in all other courses in the curriculum and supported by our skills centres.

The Academic Skills and Literacy component consists of the following compulsory courses:

  • Academic Writing

  • Introduction to Area Studies

  • Numeracy

  • Designing Academic Inquiry