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MA literary studies: Pre-master English Literature and Culture

The bachelor English language and culture offers a pre-master programme for students holding a bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences for the so called Lerarenopleiding. This programme prepares for the master specialisation English literature and culture. The pre-master entails 50 ECTS. After completion of the pre-master, the student is admitted to the Master Literary Studies, specialisation English literature and culture.


All first semester courses are compulsory . In the second semester students can choose their specialisation: British, American or Middle English Literature, and complete this course in addition to the three other compulsory courses.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester


Philology 1: Introduction to Middle English Language and Literature 5
Literature 1A: Introduction to Literary Studies in English 10
Language Acquisition 1: From Scratch to Script 5
Language Acquisition 5: Writing a Research Report on Language 5

Second semester


Linguistics 2: The Syntax of English 10
Literature 2: English Literature, ca. 1550-1700 5
Language Acquisition 6: Academic Writing in Theory and Practice 5

Choose one out of three:

Literature 4A: The Age of Realism: American Literature, 1865-1917 5
Literature 4B: British Literature: The Nineteenth Century 5
Philology 6: Middle English Literature and Culture 5