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The first year consists of the “propedeuse Archaeology”.

The second year of the Bachelor Archaeology consists of the following compulsory courses:

  • “Archaeological heritage”

  • “Geographic Information Systems (GIS)”

  • “Data analysis”

  • “Material studies 2”

  • “Field school 2”

Apart from the compulsory courses, you choose 2 out of the 3 following profiles:

  1. Archaeology of North-Western Europe
  • “Early prehistory”

  • “Late prehistory and Provincial-Roman archaeology”

  • “Medieval archaeology”

  1. Early civilisations
  • “Hunter-gatherers and early farmers”

  • “Early cities and states”

  • “Visual culture”

  1. Archaeological sciences
  • “Experimental archaeology”

  • “Bioarchaeology”

  • “Quaternary geology”

In the third year of the Bachelor Archaeology you can choose from the following specialisations:

“Archaeology of North-Western Europe”
“Archaeology of the Americas”
“Archaeology of the Classical World”
“Archaeology of the Near East”