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Islam: Religion and Society

Provisional programme

Islam, as a religion and a cultural practice, is a worldwide phenomenon that is formed both in a local context – culturally, socially, politically and economically – and in transnational, interactive, fluid networks. Islam takes on a diversity of forms, some of them contradictory. This has always been the case, and it is becoming increasingly apparent in the modern world through migration, globalisation and the digital media. Islam exists in a continuous interaction with other communities, as defined by religion, culture, ethnicity or language. Globalism, localism, diversity and interaction: these are the central themes of Islam teaching at Leiden University. This minor of 30 EC offers students a broad perspective on Islam. Students not only learn about the most important teachings of Islam, but they also acquire an understanding of the current forms Islam takes across the world. The minor goes on to address in greater depth a number of themes that are central to the study of Islam in Leiden: Law, Thinkers & Debates, Society & Politics, and Culture and Daily Life.

Maximum number of participants: 50
Prospectus number: 5000MIRSN
Class number: 1301
Language: English