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TU Delft Minor: Neighbourhood of the Future - Green Blue Cities

Dutch cities have to deal with two problems. Climate change has become a visible problem in the urban environment of the Netherlands. Cities cope with heavy rainfall in short periods of time and heat stress occurs more often which even leads to more casualties. At the same time large parts of existing neighbourhoods are falling into decay. Residents with high income move out, leaving the disadvantaged behind. The social structure of the neighbourhood becomes fragile. Both problems should be solved. The task of the urban planner is to introduce and design sustainable urban interventions, creating future proof neighbourhoods within the framework of a green blue city.

  • the minor consists of six courses that are integrated, divided in the two quarters. Both quarters consist of a studio project and two courses.

  • the first quarter an urban strategy is the main subject; in the second quarter a design for a neighbourhood is the main subject.

  • courses in the first quarters give vital input for the design studio in the second quarter.

In the minor Neighbourhood of the Future – Green Blue Cities you will learn:

  • to recognize inner-city problems caused by climate change and social aspects;
    which (spatial) interventions can be made and how they can contribute to a future proof neighbourhood;

  • to apply and integrate solutions and finally create a future proof urban plan through design studios, lecture series, seminars and workshops;

  • to present these integrated solutions and plan by using urban visualization techniques.

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This Minor is available beginning autumn 2016, so interested students should plan accordingly.


BK7210 Urban Analysis and Design (3 ECTS)
BK7250 Sustainable Urbanism (3 ECTS)
BK7252 Transformation Strategies for Deprived Districts (3 ECTS)
BK7263 Future Proof Urban Project (9 ECTS)
BK7264 Future Proof Spatial Transformation Strategy (9 ECTS)
BK7265 Urban Design Evaluation (3 ECTS)

Please find the course descriptions here.


Please note that this minor is limited to the autumn semester of year three, and in principle is limited to BSc students. Because the minor is full time (and intense) students may only be enrolled in courses at TU Delft during the semester. This has important consequences for study planning and graduation requirements. Students intending to enroll in a TU Delft minor must take care that they do not require important LUC course requirements for their study plan that are only offered in the autumn semester. Contact Paul Hudson ( for further information regarding entrance requirements and procedures.

This self-packaged one semester TU Delft minor combines elements of sustainability, urban design and planning, and policy making. The minor expands existing curricular strengths while providing a new dimension in technology and design education to LUC students, complementing conceptually oriented components of the LUC curriculum.