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Archaeology (Research): Town and Country in the Mediterranean Region and the Near East

Town and Country is directed by professor Akkermans. Staff members in the Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology department have close links in research and teaching with staff in Near Eastern Archaeology, as well as with the Ancient History and Ancient Languages departments of the Humanities Faculty at Leiden University.
Specialist courses include topics on city life in certain periods and regions, and aspects of rural and cultural settlement, where the study of art or architecture is introduced focus on issues of cultural identity, ethnicity and power relations. Environmental archaeology and economic archaeology are regularly featured.
The courses relate to staff and PhD research projects, which include the reconstruction of ancient settlement systems and urban plans in many countries of the Mediterranean and the Near East, the study of imperial cultures and the long-term development of societies.
You are encouraged to spend part of your programme at other institutions or on field projects run by teams outside Leiden, to enrich your experience of different research cultures, but the Classical Mediterranean-Near Eastern group also offers opportunities to become involved with Leiden field and museum projects which include several regional survey and excavation programmes and training schools abroad.

Track leader:
Prof. dr. P.M.M.G. (Peter) Akkermans