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Advanced Life Science & Technology


The field ‘Life Science and Technology’ focuses on the living cell, the smallest unit of life: how is it built, how does it function and how may it be used? An interdisciplinary approach based on the knowledge natural laws apply to living cells, is required in order to understand, to interpret and to make use of processes operating in living cells. The following subjects are therefore addressed: (bio)chemistry, cellular biology, molecular genetics, physics, mathematics, (bio)informatics and pharmacology.
The minor programme Advanced LST teaches deepening of knowledge and understanding in the areas of molecular cellular biology, specialized chemistry and biotechnology. Moreover, it broadens the knowledge of the field by an introduction into biophysics, addressing the important role of quantitative imaging in the life sciences and the relation between the use of biological material and the environment. In addition, development of academic skills with a major emphasis on critical reading and scientific writing will be addressed.
The minor programme is characterized by a defiant range of teaching methods and testing. Specialists from the research field and industry contribute substantially.
Teaching is at two universities: University Leiden and Technical University Delft. Subjects taught at Leiden University are: Quantitative imaging in life sciences, Cell signalling and biophysics and Inorganic chemistry in life. Subjects taught at TU Delft are: Bio-based materials in a circular economy, and Biocatalysis. The class Literature, research and validation is taught at both universities.


The programme is meant for Dutch and international senior bachelor students with a background in Life Science & Technology, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Science & Technology, Biology (molecular and cellular biology specialisation) or comparable academic disciplines with a keen interest in and profound basic knowledge in the areas of molecular and cellular biology, (organic) chemistry and biotechnology.
The minor is only accessible to students who successfully completed their first-year programme and fulfil the prior-knowledge requirements of the courses of the minor.
Students with a different background and they who did not complete their first-year are requested to contact the coordinator prior to the start.
In case of lack of background students can be asked to study selected parts of textbooks before the start or during the first 10 weeks of the minor.

Language of instruction

Dutch and/or English. All classes will be taught in English when international students attend.

Important notice

Students not enrolled in either one of the bachelor programmes LST or MST, should register as guest student at TU Delft (via Studielink: choose ‘bachelor LST’, ‘start eerste jaar’ choose ‘NO’, next choose ‘gaststudent LST’) and/or as ‘gaststudent’ at Leiden University (further information) before September. This prerequisite is needed in order to get access to Blackboard environments of both universities and for proper registration of obtained results.
Exchange students can also enrol in classes of both universities. Either the International Office of the Faculty of Sciences in Leiden or the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Delft will be of assistance.
All courses, except for Literature, research and validation, are also open for enrolment separately by students with sufficient foreknowledge, e.g. as part of a free minor programme or as an elective. For separate enrolment in the class Literature, research and validation only LST-registered students are granted.


Registration for the minor Advanced LST, via U-Sis from 1 May 2016 until 15 August 2016. Class number is 1526
Information on how to register for the minor in U-Sis can be found in this manual online
Students registered for the minor Advanced LST should enrol in the course ‘Minor Advanced LST’ of the Faculty of Sciences on Blackboard-Leiden.

Information and Contact

Detailed information and a schedule can be found at the course ‘Minor Advanced LS&T’ on Blackboard-Leiden.
Coordinator: Dr. W.R.M. Schlaman