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Public International Law (Advanced Master Programme): Peace, Justice and Development

The Master of Laws: Advanced Studies in Public International Law is an intensive, high-level postgraduate programme in public international law.

The objective of the Peace, Justice and Development Specialisation (PJD) is to provide students with advanced knowledge of, and skills in, various chapters of public international law which all attract considerable attention in international affairs and which are interrelated. Building on the general knowledge and insights gained during the common compulsory part of the programme, this specialisation seeks to advance specialised knowledge on the legal regulation of war and peace, the quest for justice (substantively and procedurally) as well as sound and sustainable development of the world economy.

Apart from the study of academic literature and analysis of international legal instruments and jurisprudence in the respective fields, participants will be trained to develop skills to integrate these distinctive branches of international law and to formulate an independent opinion on legal questions relating to peace, justice and development. They will be trained to clearly present their findings orally and in writing to both legal specialists and non-lawyers, to actively participate in academic debate, and to apply advanced academic knowledge in public international law in a professional setting.

From the academic year 2015-2016 onwards, we will be offering a new track in the PJD Specialization, composed of two new courses: Advanced International Dispute Settlement (with a focus on the ‘The Law and Politics of International Dispute Settlement’ ) and International Arbitration in Public International Law. This will provide you a broader degree of choice in the specialization. The two new courses will provide a special focus on the role of dispute settlement in creating peace and justice (International Dispute Settlement Track), and will be offered in addition to the two existing courses on ‘International Economic Law and Sustainable Development’ and ‘Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice’ which are more focused on development and transitional justice. You can thus choose between the two existing courses or the new track.