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Psychology: a comprehensive introduction

Course periods

The Psychology minor of 30 credits (EC) is offered in two semesters (10 EC in semester 1 and 20 EC in semester 2). To complete the minor, you need one entire academic year (September - July).


This minor provides a representative and coherent overview of the entire discipline. It is representative because it constitutes a first acquaintance with the main currents and themes within psychology. It is coherent because it introduces students to the different psychological subdisciplines emphasizing their common elements.


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For questions about the content of the courses, you can contact the Psychology study advisor

More info

Maximum amount of participants: 25 students

Due to the limited amount of participants, students who apply for the full minor of 30 EC will be prioritised over students who apply for the 15 EC minor. When students opt for the 15 EC the following courses will be studied:
Introduction to Psychology
Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology

Choose one of the following courses:
Social and Organisational Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness


The course ‘Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness’ can only be taken after successfully completing the courses ‘Introduction to Psychology’ and ‘Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology’.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Psychology (IBP) 5
Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology (IBP) 5
Developmental and Educational Psychology (IBP) 5
Social and Organisational Psychology (IBP) 5
Cognitive Psychology (IBP) 5
Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness 5