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Computer Science: Computer Science and Business Studies

The Computer Science and Business Studies specialisation contains a full-time, two-year master's programme. It offers students the opportunity to combine the Computer Science curriculum with training in management, business and entrepreneurship.


The programme (120 EC) consists of:

  • at least 18 EC of Computer Science courses (level 500) chosen in correspondence with the chosen research topic;

  • a maximum of 20 EC of electives chosen from the Computer Science or the Business Studies programme.

  • the Business Studies (BS) programme (Management or New Ventures track);

  • a Master's Thesis Research Project (42 EC) in one of the LIACS research groups.


This Master's specialisation requires separate and mandatory registration through the online registration form in the Business Studies e-Prospectus.

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More information

  • For questions about CS courses, please contact the study advisor: dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen.

  • For questions about the BS programme, please contact education coordinator Lisa Fillekes, LLM.

  • For any other inquiries, please send an email to the programme coordinator: José Visser.