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Security Studies

The Bachelor of Science programme Security Studies is the first academic BA programme in continental Europe focusing on contemporary security and safety challenges. It is a three-year, English-taught programme that combines theory, practice, and skills, within an interdisciplinary framework. The programme helps students develop into well-rounded, academically trained security specialists.

Security and safety challenges rank among the most pressing contemporary issues for individuals, organisations, businesses, and states. They must deal with both real and perceived threats at local, regional and international levels. These threats may include: international terrorism, organised crime, cyber incidents, civil unrest, urban riots and natural or industrial disasters. Both technological and social developments have led to a rise in the number of complex security and safety challenges, that may affect societies and people across the globe. Addressing these security and safety challenges requires an academic approach, a critical attitude and knowledge of all relevant factors related to specific security and safety challenges.

The Bachelor of Science programme Security Studies teaches students to analyse and address security and safety challenges. Using various theoretical lenses, students will learn how to unravel security cases by focusing on the political, historical and societal context, but also on governance structures, institutions and the role of the media. The programme employs a wide range of teaching methods to stimulate critical thinking in students, such as lectures, work groups, and excursions. Special attention is given to the development of academic and professional skills and the application of these skills to contemporary security and safety cases.

The Bachelor of Science in Security Studies is part of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, and is taught at Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs located in The Hague.