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Electives and minor Academy of Creative and Performing Arts 2019-2020

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

ACPA electives Arts and Sciences

Design and the Deep Future 5
Language, Music and Text-setting 5
Music - Philosophy - Politics 5
Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Practical Rhetoric: public speaking according to historical sources 5
Writing Art 5


Minor Music Studies

Popular and Global Music 5
Music x Technology 5
Music as Expressive Force 5
Music Cognition 5
Introduction into Sound Art 5
Values in Music 5

Honours education

Honours Class - The Role, Function, and Position of Music in Contemporary Society

Honours Class - The Sounding City

PRE-Class - Design (Plastic Fantastic)

PRE-Class - Practicum Musicae

Practicum Musicae Honours College

Electives Fine Arts and Design

Electives Muziek

Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Overview of Western Music History 3
Elementary music theory 1 3
Music: Gregorian Chant 5
Aesthetics & performance in electronic music 3
Sound and space 8
History of Contemporary Music Composition 2

Talent programme Fine Arts: Practicum Artium (PA)

Fine Arts: Photography 1 5
Fine Arts: Photography 2 5
Fine Arts: Graphic design 1 5
Fine Arts: Graphic design 2 5
Fine Arts: Painting 1 5
Fine Arts: Painting 2 5
Fine Arts: Drawing 1 5
Fine Arts: Drawing 2 5

Talent programme Music: Practicum Musicae (PM)

Music: Practicum Musicae 1, Royal Conservatoire 10
Music: Practicum Musicae 2, Royal Conservatoire 10
Music: Practicum Musicae 3, Royal Conservatoire 10

Other education

Summer School

Summer Academy for Historical Acting

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

MOOC The Importance and Power of Music in our Society