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Psychology: Applied Cognitive Psychology


This is a specialisation of the master’s programme of Psychology. The aim of this specialisation is to provide students with a maximum of hands-on experience and with all the practical and intellectual skills necessary to apply psychological knowledge to real-life problems in working environments and organizations. The skills acquired in this programme will be broadly applicable and valuable for a whole range of academic, governmental, industrial, or health-related settings, but also for research assistantships and PhD studies in applied areas. The main emphasis is on translating theory into practice. Apart from practical, and methodological courses, students will work in a team on a field project (internship) throughout a major part of the year. Visit our Masters In Leiden page for more information about Applied Cognitive Psychology.


The master’s specialisation Applied Cognitive Psychology prepares students for translating theory into practice. You develop all the practical and intellectual skills necessary to apply psychological knowledge to real-life problems in working environments and organisations. The aim of this master’s specialisation is to provide you with a maximum of hands-on experience in the field of cognitive enhancement and cognitive ergonomics.


The curriculum of 60 EC offers a variety of courses and a supervised master thesis. The specialisation consists of:

  • 4 mandatory courses (20 EC)

  • thesis (20 EC)

  • internship (10 EC)

  • two elective courses (10 EC)

Master's Kick Off

At this day (beginning of September for students starting in September / late January for students starting in February) your attendance is strongly advised.

During the Master's Kick Off you will be handed important information on how to organise your studies at Leiden University. A representative of your specialisation will be present. You do not want to miss this!

Master's Kick-Off

First year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Compulsory coursework

The Art of Applying Psychology (AoAP) 5
Evidence based Cognitive Enhancement (ECE) 5
Improving Human Performance in Practice (HPP) 5
The Psychology of Digital Design (PDD) 5
Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology 20

Internship (Choose one of the following options)

Internal Practical Internship (IPI) 10
Internship Psychology 10

Recommended electives

Add two electives. See overview of all electives

Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Decision Making: Theory and Practice 5

More info

Additional information


Internship coordinator

Bryant Jongkees

Thesis coordinator

Dr. F. Walker


Dr. F. Walker

Student representative

Find your student representative in the overview of programme committee members: Student representative

General coordinator

Dr. F. Walker
G.H.P. Band

Career Perspective

A master's degree in Psychology at Leiden University combines theoretical knowledge with academic and professional skills, making you an attractive candidate for many employers.

The skills you acquire in this specialisation are the basis of careers in a wide range of academic, government, industrial and organisational settings. The improvement of human functioning in a complex technological environment is the key issue here. Your skills are also a good basis for research assistantships and PhD projects in applied areas.

On our website you can find a list with some examples of career opportunities.