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Psychology: Methodology and Statistics in Psychology


The curriculum of the one-year Master’s specialisation in Methodology and Statistics focuses both on in-depth study of theory and on the acquisition of professional and research skills.Within a scientist-practitioner model, these insights are always connected to their behavioural consequences and intervention issues.


The objective of the programme is to equip you with advanced training in research methods and professional skills. This will prepare you both for a career involving psychological research as well as for the application of scientific knowledge and methods in various professional settings. Training is provided in all relevant skills, such as reviewing the relevant literature and applying theoretical knowledge to analyse practical problems. Master’s programme Methodology and Statistics in Psychology


The curriculum of 60 EC offers a variety of courses and a supervised master thesis. The specialisation consists of:

  • 5 mandatory courses (25 EC)

  • thesis (20 EC)

  • internship (10 EC)

  • an elective course (5 E)

Master's Kick Off

At this day (beginning of September for students starting in September / late January for students starting in February) your attendance is strongly advised.

During the Master's Kick Off you will be handed important information on how to organise your studies at Leiden University. A representative of your specialisation will be present. You do not want to miss this!

Master's Kick-Off

First year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Compulsory coursework

Regression Modelling 5
Latent Variable Models 5
Computational Statistics with R 5
Statistical Learning and Prediction 5
Statistical Consulting (Psychology) 5
Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology 20

Choose one of the following options as internship

Internal Practical Internship (IPI) 10
Internship Psychology 10

Recommended electives

Add one elective. See overview of all electives

Statistical Mediation and Moderation 5
fMRI Data and Statistics 5

Pre-master's course

Preparatory Statistics 5

More info

Additional information


Internship coordinator

Zsuzsa Bakk

Thesis coordinator

Dr. Tom Wilderjans


Dr. Tom Wilderjans

Student representative

Find your student representative in the overview of programme committee members: Student representative

General coordinator

Dr. Tom Wilderjans

Career Perspective