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World Politics (LUC)

Major information: LINK

Major overview: LINK

Major requirements:

Major requirements (85 EC):

  • 15 EC: at least three out of the four 100-level courses (Introduction to IR and Diplomacy, Introduction to Globalisation and Transnational Politics, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies or Birth of the Modern World;

  • 15 EC in methodology courses to include Political Research Design;

  • 45 EC within the WP major, including at least four 300-level courses and one General Knowledge course;

  • 10 EC Capstone.

Note: students need to take at least 20 EC worth of courses at the 300-level within the World Politics Major to be able to graduate.


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to International Relations & Diplomacy 5
Introduction to Globalization and Transnational Politics 5
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies 5
Birth of the Modern World 5
Introduction to Gender Studies 5
Women, Human Rights, and World Religions 5


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Qualitative Research Methods 5
Quantitative Research Methods 5
Gender & Development 5
International and Regional Organisations in World Politics 5
Power in World Politics 5
Thinking about Politics: Freedom, Equality, and Justice 5
Cultural & Visual Analysis 5
Nations and Nationalism 5
Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality 5
Conflict and Democracy 5
Intersectionality, Media and Conflict 5
Historical Research Methods: History and Testimony 5
Studies in War: From the Crimea to the Second World War 5
Thinking about Politics: From Machiavelli to Marx 5
Political Research Design 5
An American Century? US Foreign Relations from 1898 to the Present 5
Struggles for Decolonisation: Past and Present 5
Leadership in Politics and Diplomacy: Practitioners' Perspectives 5
Ethics of Contemporary War 5
Regionality in World Politics: Political Islam in the Middle East 5
Studies in Conflict: From Algeria to Iraq 5


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
History & Politics of Revolutions 5
The International Politics of Climate Change 5
Regional Trends: The Rise of China 5
Vulnerability, Gender and the Politics of Care 5
Feminist Philosophy 5
Researching Radicalisation & Counter-Extremism 5
Regional Trends: The EU in World Politics 5
Religion in World Politics 5
The Lusophone South Atlantic 5
Totalitarianism 5
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 5
Designing Policy Interventions: Peacebuilding, Development and Public Health 5
Diplomacy of International Conflict 5
Regional Trends: Russia in World Politics 5