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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The History of European Integration 5
The Indian Ocean World: Sailors, Scholars, Slaves 5
The learning brain 5
The Linguistic Context of Biblical Hebrew 1 5
The Making of the Modern Middle East (1870-1940) 10
The Political Economy of the European Union 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
The Rise and Decline of American Empire 10
The Sumerian Language: Structure and Analysis 5
The United States and Human Rights 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Exchange in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 10
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Thematic Course Latin American Cultural Analysis 10
Themes in Arabic Literature: Bandits and Outlaws 10
Theoretical Biophysics 6
Theorie van Concurrency 6
Theory of Condensed Matter 6
Theory of General Relativity 6
Theory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties (TSMP) 6
Tibet: State and Society 5
Tibetan 1 10
Tibetan 2 10
Tibetan Buddhism 5
Tools and Theories in the Study of Religion: Historical, Cognitive, and Social-Scientific Approaches 10
Top Lectures Elite 3
Topical course Art and the Fabric of Life: The Visual Arts of Africa 5
Topical Course: Artist's Writings 5
Topical Debates on Photography in Historical Perspective 10
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6
Topics in Chinese Art History, Things and Paths: Approaches to Chinese Art and Material Culture 10
Topics in Theoretical Physics: 6
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Traduzione italiano-olandese (Corso monografico) 5
Traduzione olandese-italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Transdiagnostic Approach of Eating Disorders 5
Translational Neuroscience 15
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods (South East Asia) 6
Turkish through Media 5
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial Greek: The Athenian Acropolis - Texts, Terms and Topography 10
Tutorial Latin: Ennius Tragedies 10
Tweedetaalverwerving: de invloed van moedertaal en taalaanleg 5
Tweedetaalverwerving: didactiek en toetsing 5
Understanding Imprisonment: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Incarceration 5
Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes 5
Universalien und Rarissima 5/10
Universalien und Rarissima Deutsch in der Sprachtypologie MA 10
Universals and variation in human behaviour 5
Urban Archaeology 5