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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Causal inference 5
Causal Inference I 3
Causal Inference II 3
Celbiologie 3
Celbiologie (BIO) 3
Celbiologie & Biochemie: een introductie 5
Celbiologie en kanker 3
Celfysiologie 3
Cell Membranes and Membrane Transport (CMMT) 4
Cellulaire Biochemie 4
Cellulaire communicatie 6
Cellular signal transduction 5
Cellular Therapies 15
Centraal Zenuwstelsel 7
Challenges to Internationalism: The Evolution of the United Nations 5
Chemical Biology (CB) 6
Chemical Biology, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 6
Chemical Energy Transition: From Nanoscience to Technology 4
Chemical Immunology (CHI) 6
Chemie en Fysica van vaste stoffen (CFVS) 6
Chemie van het Leven 3
Chemisch Productontwerp (CPO) 6
Chemische analysemethoden (CAM) 3
Chemische Biologie 3
Chemische Biotechnologie (CBT) 6
Chemische reactorkunde 6
Chemische thermodynamica (CTD) 6
Child abuse and neglect: neurobiological aspects and intervention 5
Child And Family Law In Private International Law 5
Child care, experts, and parents: historical trends 5
Child Protection And Children's Rights 5
Children In The Justice System 5
Children's Rights 5
Children's Rights And Digital Technologies 5
China and Global Cyberspace 10
China and Global Cyberspace (ResMA) 10
China and the Global Political Economy 5
China and World Environment 5
China-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order 10
China-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order (ResMA) 10
China's Digital Geographies 5
China's International Political Economy 10
China's International Political Economy (ResMA) 10
Chinees nieuws lezen 5
Chinese films en samenleving: propaganda, arthouse en blockbusters 5
Chinese Filosofie II 5
Chinese geschiedenis tot 1911 5
Chinese Geschiedenis: van Tang naar Song 5
Chinese literatuur: poëzie van het Boek der Oden tot WeChat 5
Chinese Literatuur: proza & film van Zhuangzi tot Wong Kar-wai 5