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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Archaeology of Private Religion in Ancient Egypt 5
Archaeology of the Americas 5
Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age 5
Archieven: bewaren, kennis en macht 5
Archieven: bewaren, kennis en macht (semester I) 5
Architecture as a Source for Historical Reconstruction in the ancient Near East 10
Architectures of International and European governance 5
Area Specialisation Eastern Mediterranean and West Asia 10
Area Specialisation Europe 10
Area Study Sustainability Netherlands 7
Area Study Sustainability Portugal 7
Argumentatie: kritisch denken en logisch redeneren 4
Argumentation and Persuasion 10
Argumentative and Rhetorical Strategies 5
Argumenteren en overtuigen 5
Argumenteren voor Juristen 5
Aristoteles Ethica Nicomachea 10
Arsenal of Democracy?: The United States and the World since 1945 10
Art and Anthropology: Beyond the Museum 10
Art and Self in the Age of Consumerism 5
Art in the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition 5
Art in Western Europe - 1800 5
Art on Paper & the Leiden University Collections 10
Art, Museums & Cultural Memory (with excursion to Berlin) 10
Art, Science & Technology: Transdisciplinary Connections 10
Art’s Agency: Hoe kunst de wereld verandert 5
Artificial Creatures 4
Artificial Intelligence 5
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Skills 5
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Challenge 2
Artivism 5
Arts and Material Culture of Japan 5
Arts, Ecology, Animal Rights 5
Asia in Global History: From Colonialism to the Post-Cold War Era 5
Asian Events in Early Modern European Sources 10
Aspects of contemporary Italian 10
Aspetti dell'italiano contemporaneo 5
Astro-Particle Physics 6
Astrochemistry 3
Astronomical Observing Techniques 5
Astronomical Spectroscopy 3
Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments 6
Astronomy from Space 3
Astronomy Lab and Observing Project 5
Astronomy Student Colloquium -
Atharvaveda Paippalāda Hymns – Vedic Sanskrit Reading Class (BA) 5
Atharvaveda Paippalāda Hymns: Vedic Sanskrit Reading Class (MA) 5
Atherosclerosis 4
Attachment, parenting and development: research and clinical implications 5
Attention: Theory and Practice 5