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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced topics in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing 10
Advanced Topics in Experimental Clinical Psychology 5
Advanced Topics in Indo-European Phonology 10
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I 6
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics II 6
Advanced Translation 5
Advanced Typology 10
Advanced Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes 5
Advances in Data Mining 6
Advances in Neurophysiology 6
Advocacy and Litigation 5
Advocacy in Global Challenges and Climate Change 5
Aerospace Law 5
Aesthetics 10
Africa in Cross-Regional Perspective 5
Africa in Practice 7
Africa Today 10
African Languages Lab 10
African Networks: international relations, connectivity, diaspora 10
African Postcolonial Theories and Literary Criticism 5
African Religions and Philosophies: Understanding Diversity and World Connections 10
African Religions and Philosophies: Understanding Diversity and World Connections 5
Afrikanen in Amerika: Slavernij en emancipatie in de Verenigde Staten 10
Afstudeerseminar Beïnvloeden en Samenwerken in complexe politiek-bestuurlijke arena's 20
Afstudeerseminar Beleid en beleidsvorming in multi-level governance 20
Afstudeerseminar Digitalisering in bestuur en beleid 20
Afstudeerseminar Economische Beleidsadvisering 20
Afstudeerseminar Hoogwaardig openbaar bestuur 20
Afstudeerseminar Japanstudies 5
Afstudeerseminar Leiderschap en gedrag binnen en tussen organisaties 20
Afstudeerseminar Stakeholders, Public Affairs en Maatschappij 20
Agents of the Book 10
AI & Ethics 3
AI and the Humanities 5
AI for Business 6
AI for Strategy 3
AI in Society 6
AI in the Physical and Virtual World 5
Air Transport Competition Law - 24501046 5
Akkadian Historical Literary Texts 10
ALGANT Master research project 34
Algebra 1 6
Algebra 2 6
Algebra 3 6
Algebraic Curves (BM) 6
Algemene en anorganische chemie (AAC) 6
Algemene Geschiedenis van de Contemporaine Tijd 5
Algemene Geschiedenis van de Nieuwe Tijd 5
Algorithmic Security Politics 10
Algorithms and Data Structures 6