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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Topics in Linguistics: Introduction to descriptive statistics and programming in R for Linguists 5
Topics in Linguistics: Language, Culture and Society 5
Topics in Linguistics: Sign Linguistics 5
Topics in Linguistics: Tone and Intonation 5
Topics in Philosophy: Death and the Dead in the Digital World 5
Topics in Theoretical Physics: Topological Order in Quantum Matter 6
Topologie 6
Toxicologie 4
Track Onderzoek op eigen initiatief
Track-bound elective 5
Track-bound electives Comparative Indo-European Linguistics I (opties) 5
Track-bound electives Comparative Indo-European Linguistics II (opties) 5
Track-bound electives Descriptive Linguistics I (opties) 15
Track-bound electives Descriptive Linguistics II (opties) 5
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Tragedy Staging the Anthropocene 5
Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Trajectgebonden keuzeruimte Taal in gebruik (opties) 10
Trajectgebonden keuzeruimte Taal in gebruik II (opties) 10
Trajectories of Indian Nationalism 5
Transdisciplinary Skills 6
Transitional Justice 5
Transitions, Innovation and Governance 5
Translation Studies 5
Translational Medical Genomics 6
Translational Neuroscience 15
Transmissie en transformatie van cultuur in Europa, 800-1700 5
Transnational organised crime and the future of global security 5
Transparency, Secrecy and Privacy in Democratic Societies 10
Transportverschijnselen in de Life Sciences 6
Trauma and Mental Health: Etiology, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment 5
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods 6
Turkish 1 Beginners 10
Turkish through Media 5
Turkse ‘teksten’; van inscripties tot televisieseries 5
Turnaround and Business Rescue (Campus The Hague) 5
Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law (Leiden) 5
Turning Technology into Business (TU Delft) 6
Tussen conflict en consensus: de ontwikkeling van het Nederlandse poldermodel vanaf eind 19e eeuw 10
Tussen de lakens. Seksualiteit in de middeleeuwen 10
Tutoraat 1 Academische Pabo 4
Tutoraat Academische Vaardigheden 5
Tutoraat Academische Vaardigheden & Mentoraat 4
Tutoraat/Leiden Law Practices (LLP)
Tutorial 10
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial Sumerian 5
Tutoring and Career Orientation Programme Second Year 0
Tutoring and Career Orientation Programme Third Year 0
Tutoring for the First Year CADS 0