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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Communicating Across Cultures 5
Communication in Science for Exchange Students 2
Communication in Science-2 (CiS-2) 2
Comparative Analysis of Political Systems 5
Comparative Asian Linguistics 10
Comparative Asian Linguistics (ResMA) 10
Comparative Corporate Law 5
Comparative Philosophy 5
Comparative Syntax 10
Comparative Tax Law 5
Competition Law 5
Compiler Construction 6
Complex Networks (BM) 6
Complex Physics of Cooking 3
Computational Biomedical Research 5
Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulations (CCMS) 6
Computational Creativity 6
Computational Models and Semantics 6
Computational Physics (3 EC) 3
Computational Physics (6 EC) 6
Computational Statistics 3
Computational Techniques for Chemical Biology (CTCB) 6
Computer Networks 6
Concepts of Textual Transformations 5
Condensed Matter Physics 6
Consciousness 5
Contemporary Japanese Literature and the Anthropocene 10
Contemporary Japanese Politics and International Relations 5
Contemporary Political Philosophy 5
Core Course I: Critical Perspectives in Art History and Museum Studies 10
Core Course II: Art History and Curatorial Practice 10
Core Course: Methodologies and Theories – Medieval & Early Modern 10
Core Curriculum: World Art and Beyond 5
Corporate Social Responsibility 5
Corpus Lexicography 10
Corso monografico: Giornalismo culturale: scrittori, stampa, storia 5
Corso monografico: L'italiano per gli insegnanti 5
Corso Monografico: Oltre l’uomo. Approcci al tema della natura nella letteratura italiana 5
Corso monografico: Sociolinguistica dell’italiano 5
Corso monografico: Traduzione olandese-italiano 5
Crafting Meaning with Colour: Painting in Practice and Context 10
Creative Programming 6
Criminalistics (keuzevak) 5
Critical Theory and Cultural Analysis 10
Critical Theory and Popular Music 10
Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness 5
Cross-domain chromatin organisation (CDC) 4
Cryptographic Engineering 6
Cultural Diversity in Urban Contexts 5
Cultural Heritage in East Asia: Dealing with the Past in Present and Future 10